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Acrylic Fullset

Shorties – 60$
Short Acrylic Nails are best for individuals that are very active with their hands. Extending over the free edge of the nail up to 1/4 of a length.
60 minutes

Acrylic fill- in – $35.00 and up :-
(Must add on gel Polish, services do not include polish within pricing) (75min)

Acrylic fill  in XL and up- $60+

Happy Medium- $70
Medium length nails 1/4 of a length up to a 1/2 length . Creates more elongated fingers, functional nail length, but requires awareness of nail extension etiquette.
60 minutes

Long – $90
Long nails. 1/2 length to a full nail tip length. Great for design and bold impressions.
120 minutes

XL Nail- $115
Requires an extended nail tip but should be clipped.
120 minutes

XXL and Beyond- $140 & up
Requires a full extended nail tip with no trim and possibly a double tip.
150 minutes

Gel Polish Change- $25
45 minutes

Soak Off and Manicure- $65
60 minutes

Gel Manicure- $75
75 minutes

Gel Full Set

Gel full sets are structured with builder gel also known as constructive gel or hard gel

Short- 70$
60 minutes

75 minutes

Long- $105
90 minutes

Gel fill in -45.00 and up :- 
(Must add on gel Polish, services do not include polish within pricing) (75 min)

GelX fill in -$50
Gel X Repair $10 Per Nail

Soak off Set and Gel Manicure
Gel Manicure $60
No Gel $50


Gel X – an alternative to acrylic nails. Utilizes a pre shaped nail and ranges in lengths and shapes.

GelX Short- $60

GelX Medium- $70

Gel X Long- $80

GelX Extra Long- $85

Add Extra Strength- $20

Builder Gel Overlay

Short- $50
60 minutes

Medium- $60
60 minutes

Long- $75
75 minutes

Builder Gel Fullset Instead of Acrylic

Add $20 Per Set

XL and Beyond lengths $35 and up

Acrylic Toe Enhancements $45 and up

Pedicure is not included.

Spa Pedicure

Includes a jelly pedicure or non jelly option. Includes callus removal, natural shaping, Hot towel, Sugar scrub, mask and massage- $65

Gel Polish- $25

Acrylic Toe Enhancements $45 and up

Toe full set -$65

Big toe only – $25

Pedicure is not included.

Men’s Pedi – $85.00

Add-on Services

Nail form construction- the names Yo shorty is now Shorties. And love me long time is now Long –  length 20 minutes

XL – $45

XXL – $55

XXXL – $70

Massage :- 10 min ( 10.00)

XL and XXL- $30
40 minutes

Beyond XXL- $45
60 minutes or more

Freestyle Design 2 Fingers $20

Freestyle Designs Full Hand- $50
30 minutes

Basic Bling Nail- $5

Full Bling Nail TBD based on length and detail
30 minutes


$5 and up based on difficulty
Includes: foils, hand drawn lines and art, glass look, encapsulation, Ombre ect…

French Nail Designs – $25. & up based on length
30 minutes

Hand or Shoulder Massage$10
10 minutes

Eyelash Strip Extension- 15$
25 mm to 30 mm

Simple bling :- includes rhinestones $5.00 per nail

Full bling nail :- $10.00

Full hand with full bling :- $45.00 per hand

Freestyle design :- $30 and up may include nail art line work, bling accent or other various nail mediums. Discuss with your nail tech.

Nail Repair

Short- $8

Medium- $10

Long- $12

XL- $15

XxL- $18

Artificial Nail Removal – Includes acrylic nails, Gel nails and Gel X $25.00


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